Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Journey To Prosperity Begins!

Today marks exactly three weeks since graduation -- I've finally earned my ridiculously expensive MBA degree. My fellow financial bloggers will be pleased to know that I conscientiously reduced the overall cost of attending by continuing to work full-time while pursuing the degree. It brought many a smile to my face (or maybe it was a smirk) to quietly listen to my peers discuss the student loan situation and their burden having taken out the maximum possible debt: "At 3% interest, the money is practically free! I'll take it out and use the excess for the down payment on my new Volvo."

Sigh. Even at 3%, it still has to be paid back.

My frugal sensibility doesn't resonate too well around these parts. I live in Los Angeles, where the average home price is well, unspeakable. And the pressure to live like a credit card millionaire is so pervasive, even my fellow students of business embarass themselves by falling victim to the $20 martini, the Mercedes lease, the interest-only-mortgage-re-fi-cash-out, the $200 haircut -- as if anyone with two brain cells to rub together can't figure out this stuff is way beyond their means. If there's one thing everyone should know about LA, it's that the disparity between wages and the cost of living is vast. WYSInotWYG.

But back to the subject of me :) This blog will serve as my gut check -- now that school is over, I'm facing a mountain of debt (both current and old) coupled with insane pressure to do idiotic things with my money. ETF or Prada? Sallie Mae or Stags Leap? Money market fund or same-as-cash until 24.98% APR?

With the help of the blogosphere, I plan to stay accountable...and prosper!


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Flexo said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, prosperette! I look forward to reading your updates.

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey P, we miss you. How are things going? I really relate to your huge student debt.


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